Daniel Vaughan

My name is Daniel Vaughan and I love creating software that people value and enabling others to do the same.

The majority of my current work is building effective distributed systems typically using microservice or serverless architectures.

I work for the European Bioinformatics Institute and have worked on the European Nucleotide Archive, BioSamples and was Technical Lead for the Ingestion component of the Human Cell Atlas Data Coordination Platform.

Daniel Vaughan Photo

I have a extensive background in Java and Spring but also love working with Go and a bit of Python. Other technologies I work with day-to-day include Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services and a range of databases and infrastructure tools.

I am passionate about community and skills development. I run the Genome Campus Software Community and EMBL-EBI Technical Seminars Programme, bringing people together to share their ideas and expertise.

If you know me professionally or would like to know more about my work please see my profile on LinkedIn.

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